Mechanical Engineer



Desiring to be a member of MANUS Software, which aims to become a well-known brand all over the world with the software products it has developed,

Graduated from Mechanical Engineering,

Able to speak English at a good level,

Likes to work dynamically, believes in teamwork,

Confident in communication, sociable,

No travel restrictions

To protect and improve our company’s brand awareness and image in the sector,

We are looking for a teammate.


To improve yourself in the use of MANUSpost Developer, the post processor software product we have developed, and to use the program in the most effective way,

To improve yourself in the use of the CNC simulation software MANUSsim, we have developed.

To improve yourself on CNC machines and CNC machine control units, and to prepare post processors and simulations for CNC machines using our software.

Performing post processor test cuts at the customer’s facility.

Managing customer requests and problem notifications entered in our support system, making necessary arrangements in post processors in line with customer needs and informing customers afterwards.

To use and manage our existing in-house support system,

To improve yourself in the use of CADCAM programs (such as SiemensNX, Mastercam, Creo, Solidcam, CATIA) and to use these programs in post processor tests